Portrait Kathrin Sättele

My delicate yet simultaneously exciting pieces of jewelry are characterized by a remarkable lightness combined with sculpted three-dimensionality, exuding an air of uncompromising, serene modernity as well as timeless elegance. To achieve this, the forging process is of central importance because the thickness and the curves of the lines are determined by the hammer blows. By progressing its cross-section from round to flat, the forged wire makes for an appealing transition of shapes that lends my pieces a lively aura and makes them look as if organically grown. In addition, the wire evokes associations of three-dimensional calligraphy.

So much delicacy is counterbalanced by my cast iron rings which owe their special appeal to the strong material and color contrasts. Created by means of the sandcasting technique the distinct, sculptural shapes are then combined with fine silver or fine gold. The particular charm of these rings is further enhanced by the randomness of the surface structure and the tactile weightiness of the material.